The founder

Jérôme Marcadé comes from a Parisian and Norman family of magistrates and publishers especially noted for being Victor Hugo’s copyrights administrators and for founding one scientifc and one literary publishing house. From an early age, Jérôme has been immersed in a literary and artistic atmosphere thanks to his father who owned more than 10,000 books and collected art and to his mother who was passionate about gardens. He lives in the familiy home in Paris at 22 rue Monsieur le Prince and in 2006 he took over a 17th century manor with its ever-evolving 12-acre landscaped garden in the Seine-Maritime department which he tends passionately.

After a 25-year career in public communication, Jérôme Marcadé seized the opportunity of Le Dilettante publishers moving houses to makes his dream come true by opening Jardins en Art.
Following what he has been developing for years in his property in Normandy, Jerôme Marcadé wishes to invite painters, sculptors and photographers to take art lovers on a journey to nature’s fascinating freedom and to explore the enchanted interludes offered by gardens. For his summer exhibition, the public will be able to discover the sculptures and paintings inspired by Françoise Bissara-Fréreau following the theme of “Gardens on the edge of mystery” until 26 September 2015.

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Jérôme Marcadé by Jean-Baptiste Leroux for Jardins en Art,
with Wicket (Summer 2015 collection)